Daughter. Survivor. Pariah.

“The name's Lilly. I'm not here to stand around chatting. I've got more important things to do, like survive. So, make it quick or leave me the fuck alone."

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When I created this blog only a few weeks ago; I would’ve never assumed that so many people would actually find me interesting enough to click the follow button! But yesterday, I hit the 200 follower marks, and now there are even more of you! Holy shit, you guys are crazy!

One thing is for sure; I love being here. I love to role-play as Luke, talk to you guys and show you my silly stuff. I always see people complaining about the TWDG-fandom, but honestly; so far I’ve only met great people here. Yes, I am looking at you guys! 

In celebration of this; I decided to make my own Follow Forever since there are a lot of amazing blogs out there that definitely deserve a promotion! I love every single one of you, may I have never interacted with you before, or way too many times by now (Which I don’t regret at all. Hehe.)  

Here goes!

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go away i dont want anything you’re selling sir

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these fuckin dweebs tho

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oh my god look at this one

actual ten year old Lilly Caul

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"Ew yourself." 

Sorry miss, wasn’t my intention to accidentally look at you.


Time to go scrub my eyes.

"Pass some of that bleach over here." 

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"Ew yourself." 

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You just threw away my dinner.

Amber eyes lift to meet her scowl, Danny’s heated frown carving a disgusted look in his gaunt face.


"Some deadie’s gonna find that. Better watch fer it when ya open the door next."

"They only eat fresh meat." She nudges the rungs of a chair, pulling it out for her to sit. "I thought you would’ve figured that out by now." 

[all] quirks my muse habitually has.


Writers, bold all of your character’s regular truths.

1. Smoking: the action or habit of inhaling and exhaling the smoke of tobacco or a drug.
2. Binge drinking: the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.
3. Drug abuse: the habitual taking of illegal drugs.
4. Nail biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.
5. Lip biting: a common body language sign of anxiety/tension.
6. Night Owl: a person who is habitually active or wakeful at night.
7. Early bird: a person who rises, arrives, or acts before the usual or expected time.
8. Negative attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with criticism and pessimism.
9. Positive attitudes: a philosophy of approaching life with optimism and confidence.
10. Swearing: the use of offensive language. 
11. Superstitious: an irrational belief that an object, action, or circumstance not logically related to a course of events influences its outcome.
12. Inspecting fingernails: a common body language sign of boredom.
13. Scratching your neck: a common body language sign of uncertainty.
14. Foot and finger tapping: a common body language sign of stress/impatience.
15. Nose touch: a subtle body language sign of deceit.
16. Flipping hair: a common body language sign of craving attention.
17. Twirling hair: a common body language sign of flirtation.
18. Cracking knuckles: a common body language sign of readiness.
19. Hands behind back: a common body language sign of confidence.
20. Finger pointing: a common body language sign of authority.
21. Hands on hips: a common body language sign of readiness.
22: Hands in pockets: a common body language sign of mistrust/reluctance.
23. Frequent touch: a common body language sign of warmth/familiarity.
24. Throat-clearing: a common body language sign of rejection/doubt.
25: Jaw-clenching: a common body language sign of hostility.
26: Eye-rolling: a common body language sign of irritation.
27: Head-tilt: a common body language sign of interest.
28. Whistling: to emit high-pitched sound by forcing breath through a small hole between one’s lips or teeth; usually to a tune.
29. Humming: make a low, steady continuous sound like that of a bee; usually to a tune.
30. Perfectionism: refusal to accept any standard short of perfection.
31. Photographic memory: the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.
32. Paranoia: a mental condition characterized by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organized system.
33. Exaggeration: a statement that represents something as better or worse than it really is.
34: Intuitive: using or based on what one feels to be true even without conscious reasoning; instinctive.
35: Quick-witted: showing or characterized by an ability to think or respond quickly and effectively.
36: Interrupting: breaking the continuity of a conversation with one’s own statements.
37: Doodling: to scribble or make rough drawings, absent-mindedly.
38: Irritable: having or showing a tendency to be easily annoyed.
39: Gambling: to play games of chance for money; bet.
40: Travel-sick: suffering from nausea caused by the motion of a moving vehicle, boat, or aircraft.
41: Sensitive: having or displaying a quick and delicate appreciation of others’ feelings.
42: Melancholy: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause.
43: Chewing gum: the exercise of chewing flavoured gum which is not intended for swallowing.
44: Fidgeting: to make small movements, especially of the hands and feet, through nervousness or impatience.
45: Skeptical: not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.
46: Neat-freak: compulsively obsessed with cleanliness.
47: Gossiping: divulging personal information about others.
48: Prim: feeling or showing disapproval of anything regarded as improper; stiffly correct.
49: Abbreviating: Giving others nicknames/shortening names/giving pet names.
50: Having a catchphrase: having a sentence or phrase typically associated with a specific person.

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"Yer just picky.

Drumming his fingers on the shabby table, careful to avoid the countless splinters, the absurd notion of retrieving the meat passes through his mind.

In the end, Danny remains sitting with his arms folded across his chest and fuming.

Shutting and replacing the door’s blockage, Lilly returns with that familiar scowl carved into her features. 

"Quit being a fucking baby."