Daughter. Survivor. Pariah.

“The name's Lilly. I'm not here to stand around chatting. I've got more important things to do, like survive. So, make it quick or leave me the fuck alone."

[[Lilly Caul roleplaying blog from Telltale's The Walking Dead Game. Multifandom. Multiverse. OCs welcomed.]]

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I don't have anything left...

the walking dead game meme → [3/9] quotes

You know guys, I think it’s going to be okay.

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Ahh yes, the superior puppy dog face

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Lilly Caul for 11? uwu —themilfmaster


I like her very much but right now she doesn’t look like her DX..need to get into it again VwV

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on a semi-related note and in spiritual continuation of that one piece i did that’s way more popular than it deserves to be, have a thing. i’ve been working on this for less than an hour and i’m so bored. just take it.

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my baby shot me d o w n;

an ode to a broken woman. || listen.

i. woman king - iron & wine | ii. the one that got away - the civil wars | iii. bang bang - nancy sinatra | iv. killer queen - queen | v. black sheep - gin wigmore | vi. in the pines - janel drewis | vii. bitch - the plastiscines | viii. you call me a bitch like its a bad thing - halestorm | ix. bad reputation - joan jett | x. ain’t no rest for the wicked - cage the elephant

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your last serving daughter (click to listen)

{a mix for lilly} . {inspired by drew}

1 » hope in the air by laura marling | i can’t give up that quick, my life is a candle and a wick / you can put it out but you can’t break it down, in the end we are waiting to be lit

2 » problem queen by danger mouse + daniele luppi + norah jones | can’t see through this hazy view and all the doors are locked / we’re only alive when we can be defectors from the clock (the clock of all time)

3 » beast (folk blues version) by nico vega | stand tall for the beast of america, stand tall for the man next door / we are free in the land of america, we ain’t goin’ down like this

4 » take to the sky by tori amos | you can say it one more time, what you don’t like / let me hear it one more time, then have a seat while i take to the sky

5 » meant to live by switchfoot | we want more than this world’s got to offer, we want more than the wars of our fathers / and everything inside screams for a second life: we were meant to live for so much more

6 » running up that hill (cover) by within temptation | there is thunder in our hearts / so much hate for the ones we love? / tell me, we both matter, don’t we?

7 » the king and all of his men by wolf gang | how to be sure that what you say is the truth, when i see flaws in everything that you do? / and now you’ve lost, there’s nothing left to defend

8 » vindicated by dashboard confessional | i am vindicated, i am selfish, i am wrong / i am right, i swear i’m right, i swear i knew it all along

9 » bones and skin by mirah | you’ve got pain, caused plenty of / it’s not so strange but you’ve had enough / don’t forget your bones and skin or where you go or where you’ve been

10 » keep the streets empty for me by fever ray | memory come when memory’s cold, i am never the first to know / following the stream up north, where do people like us float?

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